Full Moon in Blue Water (1988)

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Full Moon in Blue Water

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Titre original :

Full Moon in Blue Water

Date de sortie :

November 1988

Floyd, the owner of a bar on the Texas coast, has been depressed for a year after his wife disappeared in a swimming accident. He lives with his senile father-in-law "The General" and is helped by Jimmy, a former asylum inmate, and the good-natured Louise. The bar is rapidly losing money and Charlie wants to buy it cheaply before it becomes publicly known that a nearby bridge is to be built. Louise offers her savings to go into partnership with Floyd, but Floyd decides to sell when he is forced to pay his back taxes.


  • Gene Hackman
  • Teri Garr
  • Burgess Meredith
  • Elias Koteas
  • Kevin Cooney
  • David Doty
  • Gil Glasgow
  • Becky Ann Baker
  • Marietta Marich
  • Alexandra Masterson
  • William Larsen
  • Mitchell Gossett
  • Mark Walters
  • Benjamin F. Jones
  • Ed Geldart
  • Lawrence Elkins
  • Tiny Skaggs
  • Bill Johnson
  • Elizabeth Williams
  • Sharon Bunn
  • Brandon Smith
  • Sandra Zimmer
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