Giga Shadow (1997)

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Giga Shadow

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Titre original :

Giga Shadow

Durée :

1h 33min

Date de sortie :

September 1997

To resupply the protoblood that sustains Kai's life, the crew of the Lexx travel back to the Cluster but find the planet deserted. The population was killed in "The Cleansing", in preparation of the birth of the Giga Shadow, the last survivor of the insect wars and sworn enemy of humanity. The crew try to destroy the Giga Shadow with the help of Yottskry (played by guest star Malcolm McDowell), a defecting priest of the Divine Order.


  • Brian Downey
  • Eva Habermann
  • Michael McManus
  • Jeffrey Hirschfield
  • Malcolm McDowell
  • Andy Jones
  • Michael Habeck
  • Walter Borden
  • Anna Cameron
  • David Renton
  • Robert Sigl
  • Jamie Bradley
  • Mike Petersen
  • Jim Petrie
  • Sherry Devanney
  • Joel Sapp
  • John Dunsworth
  • Jennifer Overton
  • Mariana Sim
  • Lenuta Sim
  • Sanjay Talwar
  • Shaun Clarke
  • David Woods
  • David McClelland
  • Lionel Doucette
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