God, Sex & Apple Pie (1998)

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God, Sex & Apple Pie

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Titre original :

God, Sex & Apple Pie

Durée :

1h 37min

Date de sortie :

March 1998
Réalisé par : Paul Leaf
Ecrit par :

A stockbroker caught in a scandal. A television reporter nailed by his own breaking news. A kinky lawyer seeking a new position. A beautiful model in love with sex. A tortured musician. A postman on the verge. Nine friends rendezvous at a resort town for a holiday weekend of partying and fun. With crimes and misdemeanors lurking in the background, they've come to escape everything. But as they cool off and kick back, all hell breaks loose in this sexy comedy/drama.


  • Greg Wrangler
  • Penelope Crabtree
  • Mark S. Porro
  • Katy Kurtzman
  • Jerome Courshon
  • Andrea Leithe
  • Steve Rifkin
  • Maria McCann
  • Phil Palisoul
  • Stephen Polk
  • Teresa Gilmore

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