Hell on the Shelf (2021)

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Hell on the Shelf

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Titre original :

Hell on the Shelf

Durée :

1h 15min

Date de sortie :

November 2021
Réalisé par : Mark Polonia, Anthony Polonia
Ecrit par :

An antique Christmas Elf decoration holds the key to decades of pent up evil and anger from beyond the grave. Three Paranormal investigators are hired by a desperate real estate agent to cleanse a house, or find the reason as to why no tenant stays very long in the ominous structure. Over the course of 3 nights, the team discovers more about the supernatural happenings than they care to uncover. It's a holiday wrapping of horror with no escape!


  • Mark Polonia
  • Titus Himmelberger
  • Dave Fife
  • Natalie Himmelberger
  • Adrienne Fife
  • Christopher Beacom
  • Ethan Maldona

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