Jack el destripador de Londres (1972)

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Jack el destripador de Londres

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Titre original :

Jack el destripador de Londres

Durée :

1h 27min

Date de sortie :

July 1972

Several murders have taken place in London. All the victims are prostitutes and the murderer is using the same techniques as Jack the Ripper. Peter Dockerman, an ex-acrobat and husband of one of the victims is the prime suspect. But whoever the killer is has cannibalistic tendencies and if Scotland Yard doesn't solve the murders quickly the evidence just might be eaten!


  • Paul Naschy
  • Patricia Loran
  • Renzo Marignano
  • Orchidea De Santis
  • Andrés Resino
  • Irene Mir
  • Franco Borelli
  • Víctor Iregua
  • Teresita Castizio
  • Carmen Roger
  • Palomba Moreno
  • Víctor Vilanova
  • Maika
  • Miguel Muniesa
  • Isidro Novellas
  • Alfonso Castizo
  • Antonio Ramis
  • Enrique Beltrán

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