Kids World (2001)

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Kids World

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Titre original :

Kids World

Durée :

1h 33min

Date de sortie :

December 2001
Réalisé par : Dale G. Bradley
Ecrit par :

What would you wish for if you were eleven and could have anything in the world? Your parents don't understand you. Your teenage brother is constantly getting you in trouble...for things he did! You're in love with the twelve-year-old girl across the street... who, unfortunately, is dating the local bully. Then, one afternoon, while being chased by the bully, you fall into a sinkhole, which happens to be in an ancient Indian burial ground. You find a glass, which you discover turns out to be a witchdoctor's Wishing Glass. When Ryan Mitchell discovers the Wishing Glass, he wishes that all the teenagers and parents would disappear. Soon it's "Kids World," with no adults and teenagers - nobody over the age of 12 anywhere! You can only imagine what happens next... *IT'S A CANADIAN FILM*


  • Christopher Lloyd
  • Blake Foster
  • Michael Purvis
  • Anton Tennet
  • Todd Emerson
  • Olivia Tennet
  • Anna Wilson

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