Le jeu des soldats (2011)

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Le jeu des soldats

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Titre original :

Le jeu des soldats

Durée :

0h 15min

Date de sortie :

September 2011

Antoine, a boy living in Northern France at the outbreak of World War II, takes on the challenge of defending the family home after his father is drafted and sent to the Maginot Line. With the aid of his accomplices, war veteran Grandpa and imaginary friend Napoleon, Antoine digs trenches and stands guard by an old cannon in the front yard. Tensions mount just as the Nazis break through the Maginot Line, and the invading troops pass in front of the family home.


  • Tristan Mesaros
  • Antonella Monceau
  • Jean-Paul Vignon
  • Olivier Tramino
  • Dan Spector
  • Harry Starkman
  • Stephane Mesaros
  • Alejandro de Leon
  • Mark Bradford Hill
  • David Smadja

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