Lepsie Byt Bohaty a Zdravy Ako Chudobny a Chory (1992)

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Lepsie Byt Bohaty a Zdravy Ako Chudobny a Chory

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Titre original :

Lepsie Byt Bohaty a Zdravy Ako Chudobny a Chory

Date de sortie :

September 1992

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2015-07-20 19:17:15 Maj film

A satiric tragi-comedy about two women and their lover Robert who is an emigrant that keeps coming back. This film shows chaotic post-communist Europe after the fall of totalitarianism. Two opposite characters, women, meet during the Velvet Revolution in November 1989. Intellectual dissident Nona and a Communist secret police boss’ mistress Ester. They meet at an anti-regime demonstration and become friends. They don’t want anything to do with politics, both want to get married and have kids, but also get rich. Crazy plans and risky attempts to realize their shared dreams land them in many sticky situations in the post-revolution chaos. Too much money gets in the way of the power of friendship.


  • Deana Horváthová
  • Dagmar Veškrnová-Havlová
  • Juraj Kukura
  • Vilma Jamnická
  • Ľubomír Paulovič
  • Stano Danciak
  • Pavel Nový
  • Hana Packertová

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