Life Is Journey (2003)

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Life Is Journey

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Titre original :

Life Is Journey

Date de sortie :

June 2003

Dernière mise à jour de la fiche :

2016-11-25 17:00:11 Maj film
Ecrit et réalisé par : Seiichi Tanabe

Life Is Journey" is a compilation of four short stories. The characters all yearn to connect with others, while dwelling in their solitude. Accidental encounters and reluctant partings overlap joy and pain on a daily basis – yet no two days are alike. "Life" portrays half of a woman's life in one-scene, one-cut, nine-minute sequence. "N" is a comical take on a man abandoned by his lover. "Ya" explores the bond of female friendship as one woman consoles a brokenhearted girlfriend. "Nowhere", a man and a woman roam the streets of a foreign land in search of lost time.


  • Nene Otsuka
  • Kentarō Kobayashi
  • Mikako Ichikawa
  • Yorie Yamashita
  • Haruko Katô
  • Seiichi Tanabe
  • Yôji Tanaka

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