Lost in the Bermuda Triangle (1998)

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Lost in the Bermuda Triangle

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Titre original :

Lost in the Bermuda Triangle

Durée :

1h 26min

Date de sortie :

February 1998
Réalisé par : Norberto Barba
Ecrit par :

Wife of an upscale business executive becomes pregnant and at the same time discovers she has cancer in her uterus. Treatment means terminating the pregnancy. Keeping the baby means her ultimate death. The couple take a second honeymoon in Bermuda to make decision and while on a boat trip she is taken by what appear to be the forces of the Bermuda Triangle. The husband vows to find her, amid accusations of foul play and consults the help of a charter boat captain and a frustrated scientist.


  • Tom Verica
  • Charlotte d'Amboise
  • Christina Haag
  • Graham Beckel
  • Ron Canada
  • Geraldine Zinat
  • Esteban Moldovan

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