Mad Dogs (2015)

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Mad Dogs

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Titre original :

Mad Dogs

Durée :

1h 15min

Date de sortie :

August 2015
Ecrit et réalisé par : Roberto Studart

In mid 90s, with no money and no English, Danilo, Marcio and Yuri left Brazil and everything behind to live in Hawaii and surf the world's most famous waves. At that time, Laird Hamilton and his gang had just invented tow surfing, using the help of jet skis to catch giant waves on the outer reefs. Laird became a legend and his new sport attracted surfers looking for fame and money. Then, in 2006, dreaming of surfing Jaws in the purest style, the 3 “amigos” began a saga that lasted 5 years. They challenged Jaws year after year, paddling, with no safety, no inflatable vests, nothing.


  • Danilo Couto
  • Marcio Freire
  • Yuri Soledade

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