Más allá del muro (2009)

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Más allá del muro

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Titre original :

Más allá del muro

Durée :

1h 37min

Date de sortie :

January 2009

A house is to be demolished to make a parking lot. In the process, the children of an orphanage and the old people of an asylum, both neighbors of the house, invade it secretly searching for a new place to stay. In spite of their differences in age and personality, a strange complicity arises between them, creating strong bonds of friendship.


  • Claudio Obregón
  • Farnesio de Bernal
  • José Carlos Ruiz
  • Juan Manuel Bernal
  • Isaac Bravo
  • Mónica Miguel
  • Alejandra Ximena
  • Patricio Castillo
  • Regina Orozco
  • Isela Vega
  • Zaide Silvia Gutiérrez
  • Adrian Alonso
  • Alan Chávez

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