Monas Bürgermeister (2012)

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Monas Bürgermeister

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Titre original :

Monas Bürgermeister

Durée :

0h 42min

Date de sortie :

November 2012
Réalisé par : Julian Witt

The film is a dramedy about unrequited love, friendship, the uncertainty of the future, and of letting go. The story is narrated by Philipp, a young, luckless musician, who has been in love with his best friend, the equally unsuccessful actress Mona. As he finally sees the chance to confess his feelings, good-looking rising football star Felix König beats him to it. Philipp has to finally decide whether to keep dreaming of the love of his life, or if the time has come, to find another way…


  • Max Felder
  • Joyce Ilg
  • Thomas Koch
  • Roland Schreglmann

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