Móvil pasional (1994)

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Móvil pasional

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Titre original :

Móvil pasional

Durée :

1h 45min

Date de sortie :

February 1994

Gyula Kodar is a commissioner who investigates the murder of an American executive. Keep track of Macabí, an ex and former lover of Mary Laya, widow of the victim. With the help of Kelly, a prostitute who is his sometime lover, Gyula able to find Macabí ; then he discovers that love is superior to survival and freedom is stronger than betrayal.


  • María Rojo
  • Orlando Urdaneta
  • Elvira Valdés
  • Hugo Márquez
  • Haydée Balza
  • Francis Romero
  • Miguel Ángel Rodríguez
  • Pedro Rentería
  • Alfredo Medina
  • Alfredo Sandoval
  • Stephen Ellery
  • Rafael Romero

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