Nana Dara is Gay (2022)

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Nana Dara is Gay

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Titre original :

Nana Dara is Gay

Durée :

0h 6min

Date de sortie :

May 2022
Réalisé par : Andrea Maxwell

Based on characters in the award winning novel SUGAR LAND, "Nana Dara is Gay", zeroes in on the moment Nana Dara has avoided for 40 years. It's 1970 and Nana Dara invites her step-daughters, Edna (who goes by "Eddie" and wears men's suits) and gin-soaked, bible thumper Miss Debbie, to her trailer for the great reveal: she is a lesbian. It goes the way most things go in the Deep South - hilarious, histrionic, and ultimately hopeful. Family is family, after all ("Praise Be!").


  • Theresa Burkhart Gallagher
  • Sheri Mann Stewart
  • Phyliss Bailey
  • Puppett

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