Nephew Tommy: Just My Thoughts (2011)

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Nephew Tommy: Just My Thoughts

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Titre original :

Nephew Tommy: Just My Thoughts

Date de sortie :

June 2011
Réalisé par : James Seppelfrick
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Slamming back-to-back sold-out shows across the country, Nephew Tommy (Thomas Miles) brings his fresh, take-no-prisoners live comedy to Detroit for a night of laughs that brings the house down! Millions of fans know and love Tommy from the wildly popular Steve Harvey Morning Show, syndicated from coast to coast, and his sidesplitting phone pranks, but now he is climbing to the top of the stand-up game, where he has some hilariously honest things to say about life behind closed doors at the Obama White House, how not to get caught cheating on your spouse and who in this world most needs a whupin’! Full of surprises, Nephew Tommy goes right to the edge and steps over. If you’re not already a fan, you will be!


  • Thomas Miles

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