Nobody's Perfect (2008)

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Nobody's Perfect

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Titre original :

Nobody's Perfect

Durée :

1h 40min

Date de sortie :

November 2008
Réalisé par : Patrick Kong

Former classmates Alexandra (Stephy Tang) and Alexis (Kary Ng) may share the same name, but they couldn’t be more different. Alexandra is beautiful, intelligent, rich, and completely insufferable. Self-centered and patronizing, she’s an expert in quick put-downs, nasty name-calling, and brokering gossip into profit. Alexis is a simple-minded, pure-hearted, and hard-working gal who is constantly bullied by her future sister-in-law’s family with whom she stays. Crossing paths again by chance, the two girls don’t want anything to do with each other – until a freak accident causes them to switch bodies!


  • Stephy Tang Lai-Yan
  • Kary Ng Ga-Wing
  • Sammy Leung
  • Ken Lo
  • Chrissie Chau
  • Terence Tsui
  • Chelsea Tong
  • Regen Cheung
  • Crystal Cheung
  • Winkie Lai
  • Tenky Tin Kai-Man
  • Joey Leung Cho-Yiu
  • Hau Woon-Ling
  • Ben Cheung Ka-Lun
  • Kelvin Kwan
  • Mimi Chu
  • Angela Au Man-Sze
  • Six Luk Ho-Ming
  • Harriet Yeung
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