Nowhere Left to Run (2010)

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Nowhere Left to Run

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Titre original :

Nowhere Left to Run

Durée :

0h 38min

Date de sortie :

November 2010
Réalisé par : Julian Gibbs
Ecrit par :

Updating "Thriller" for the "Twilight" generation, "Nowhere Left to Run" is a blood, sweat and scream-soaked vampire spectacular soundtracked by songs from McFly's latest album, Above the Noise, including huge, hit singles "Party Girl" and Taio Cruz collaboration "Shine a Light". Fun, frightening and fast-paced, glossily-produced and featuring gorgeous female fans with fangs, this is McFly as even their mothers would be scared to see them. The 30 minute film follows the boys from a daytime TV sofa to an isolated mansion where they try to ensure the future of McFly by taking their shirts off and plotting to murder one of their members.


  • Tom Fletcher
  • Harry Judd
  • Dougie Poynter
  • Danny Jones
  • Luke Healy
  • Leanne Michael
  • Nic Sleight
  • Lucy Edwards

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