(On the Quest for) Beograd Underground (2012)

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(On the Quest for) Beograd Underground

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Titre original :

(On the Quest for) Beograd Underground

Durée :

1h 5min

Date de sortie :

November 2012
Réalisé par : Muriel Buzarra

"(On the Quest for) Beograd Underground" is an independent documentary film in the form of a sequence of interviews with alternative artists from Serbia who have dedicated their lives to the creation of one (sub)culture, very rich in its nuances, yet very precarious in its existence. Numerous artists speak of their conceptions of the underground as a movement, a way of perceiving reality, a way of social engagement, and even a way of living. The specific socio-historical condition in the '90s resulted in intensive artistic activity as a response to the totalitarian regime. This film is a collection of the personal experiences of artists who were involved in the underground scene since the '90s until the first decade of the new millennium.


  • Nenad 'Džoni' Racković
  • Mark Schneider
  • Alex Liu
  • Igor Petrušić
  • Vladimir Lenhart
  • Vladimir Palibrk
  • Saša Rakezić
  • Danilo Milošev 'Wostok'
  • Johanna Mercè
  • Katie Woznicki
  • Mileta Mijatović
  • Damjan Babić
  • Jovana Petrović
  • Ivan Tijardović
  • Dejan Čančarević
  • Damir Pavić 'Septic'
  • Vyrash Karunos
  • Jisishgirdo Rupinasi
  • Veljko Onjin
  • Nikola Vitković
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