On the Razzle (1983)

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On the Razzle

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Titre original :

On the Razzle

Durée :

1h 51min

Date de sortie :

March 1983
Réalisé par : Terence Donovan
Ecrit par :

When their boss goes off to Vienna to dine with his fiancé, his clerks decide this may be their last chance for an adventure (razzle) and head for the Big City. Zangler must cancel his plans, as his niece has run off with her boyfriend. Naturally, soon everyone is running into everyone else!


  • Felicity Kendal
  • Alfred Lynch
  • Dinsdale Landen
  • Peter Bourke
  • David Roper
  • Mary Chilton
  • Catherine Harding
  • Thomas Henty
  • Allyson Rees
  • Ciaran Madden
  • Meg Wynn Owen
  • Harold Innocent
  • Paul Gregory
  • Rose Hill
  • Luke Healy

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