Onder de tafel (2008)

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Onder de tafel

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Titre original :

Onder de tafel

Durée :

0h 40min

Date de sortie :

September 2008
Réalisé par : Sacha Polak
Ecrit par :

Onder de tafel is a melancholic father-son tale which starts when Jacob hears that his father Kees has started drinking again. He needs to be picked up at the clinic where he is treated for alcoholism. Jacob takes his father to a bungalow park hoping to be able to connect with him at a place where they used to be a happy family. Kees does not recognize his son and the first chance he gets, he grabs a can of beer. Jacob realises that the only chance he has of reconnecting with his dad, is to drink together. And so they do.


  • Hans Dagelet
  • Jochum ten Haaf

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