Pastor Shirley (2013)

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Pastor Shirley

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Titre original :

Pastor Shirley

Durée :

1h 19min

Date de sortie :

August 2013
Réalisé par : J. Horton
Ecrit par :

Jason's heart and soul are stuck with the church his father ran before he passed away, and his dreams of making this community a place of worship, love, and sanctuary. Now a real estate mogul threatens to turn Jason's church into a strip mall! So who does he call? Pastor Shirley.


  • Paula Jai Parker
  • Dorien Wilson
  • Robert Ri'chard
  • Jackie Long
  • Laura Hayes
  • Tiara Ashleigh
  • Jenn Pinto
  • Andre Boyer
  • Raymond Forchion
  • Jerome Ro Brooks
  • Efé
  • Veronica Rodriguez

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