Permissive (1970)

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Durée :

1h 30min

Date de sortie :

May 1970
Réalisé par : Lindsay Shonteff
Ecrit par :

When Suzy arrives in London to visit an old school friend, she is unwittingly plunged into the ruthless world of the 'groupie'. Fuelled by sex, drugs and jealousy, her new lifestyle fosters in her a cold, cynical instinct for survival. But tragedy is never far away. With its effective blend of gritty location work, brooding flash-forward devices, and a soundtrack by cult acid folk and prog rock legends Comus, Forever More - who also star - and Titus Groan, Permissive is a dark British counter-cultural artefact that's shot through with grim authenticity. As a bonus, this release also includes Stanley Long's ultra-rare Bread, a film which, whilst exploring the same cultural milieu as Permissive (and featuring its own bona fide cult British rock band, Juicy Lucy), takes a somewhat more lighthearted approach to its subject.


  • Maggie Stride
  • Gilbert Wynne
  • Gay Singleton
  • Alan Gorrie
  • Stuart Francis
  • Mick Travis
  • Onnie McIntyre
  • Debbie Bowen
  • Samantha Bond
  • Madeleine Collinson

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