Pick It Up!: Ska in the '90s (2019)

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Pick It Up!: Ska in the '90s

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Titre original :

Pick It Up!: Ska in the '90s

Durée :

1h 40min

Date de sortie :

April 2019
Réalisé par : Taylor Morden
Ecrit par :

Pick It Up! is an independent documentary film about the rise in popularity of ska music in the 1990s and the subsequent return to the underground. The film features members of Reel Big Fish, The Mighty Mighty Bosstones, No Doubt, Sublime, Save Ferris, Goldfinger, The Specials, Less Than Jake, Hepcat and many more.


  • Tim Armstrong
  • John Feldmann
  • Aaron Barrett
  • Chuck Robertson
  • Sascha Lazor
  • Travis Barker
  • Matt Pinfield
  • Rich Zahniser
  • Ryan Mashburn
  • T-Bone Willy
  • Coolie Ranx
  • Chris DeMakes
  • Christian Jacobs
  • Vic Ruggiero
  • Jay Nugent
  • Monique Powell
  • Alan Meade

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