Queer Riot (2022)

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Queer Riot

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Titre original :

Queer Riot

Durée :

0h 56min

Date de sortie :

July 2022
Réalisé par : Page Hurwitz

The Hoot, an underground theater located in the basement of a former nun’s residence, is the locale for this brand new one-hour comedy special created by Page Hurwitz and Tatiana von Fürstenberg. In a highly emotional moment, a close-knit group of eight LGBTQIA+ comedians take to the stage for the very first time after lock down. Led by headliner Margaret Cho, we see each of these gifted performers expertly work the crowd and get huge laughs with distinctly queer material, while behind-the-scenes they have open-hearted conversations with each other about the unique space they’ve created in an industry that can be inhospitable to queerness. It’s a tender portrait of community that strikes a balance between lifting one another up, while gently competing for the light.


  • River Butcher
  • Margaret Cho
  • Brad Loekle
  • Justin Martindale
  • Christine Medrano
  • Jackie Monahan
  • Daniel Webb
  • Akeem Woods

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