Rude Boy: The Jamaican Don (2003)

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Rude Boy: The Jamaican Don

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Titre original :

Rude Boy: The Jamaican Don

Durée :

1h 30min

Date de sortie :

February 2003

Julius St. John has big dreams of becoming the biggest raggae DJ in the U.S., but when his status is jeopardized, he makes a deal with the devil and agrees to carry a bag of contraband through customs in exchange for his papers. But what begins as a onetime deal descennds into a deadly spiral that Julius cannot escape - and murder is the only way to survive...


  • Mark Danvers
  • Michael Taliferro
  • Anita Kopacz
  • Beenie Man
  • John 'Ras Kidus' Cornelius
  • Ninja Man
  • Jimmy Cliff
  • Lanease Adams
  • Nahtasha Budhi

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