Sacred Ground (1983)

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Sacred Ground

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Titre original :

Sacred Ground

Durée :

1h 40min

Date de sortie :

March 1983
Ecrit et réalisé par : Charles B. Pierce

SACRED GROUND tells the fact-based story of a mountain man and his Indian wife who happen upon a partially built cabin and finish it for their own home, not realizing that they occupy a sacred burial ground. A Paiute burial party clashes with the couple and in the ensuing skirmish, the wife is critically wounded while in the middle of childbirth. Bitter over her loss and needing a wetnurse for his baby, he steals one of the Paiute woman who had just lost a baby. In this modern version of Helen of Troy, the battle is on, as he takes on the whole band in a desperate attempt to survive. Written by Dale Roloff


  • Tim McIntire
  • Jack Elam
  • L.Q. Jones
  • Ty Randolph
  • Eloy Casados
  • Serene Hedin
  • Vernon Foster
  • Lefty Wild Eagle
  • Larry Kenoras
  • Franklin Fritz
  • Danny Wilson
  • Leslie Anderson
  • Arnold Gallagher
  • Fernando Herrera

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