Screen Door Jesus (2003)

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Screen Door Jesus

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Titre original :

Screen Door Jesus

Durée :

1h 59min

Date de sortie :

March 2003

Budget (en $) :

3 Millions

Recette (en $) :

59 000
Réalisé par : Kirk Davis

A vision of Jesus sighted on the screen door of Mother Harper's front porch sparks misadventures as the media and crowds gather around the phenomenon and the townsfolk start to take sides. As more people flock to the door, some for guidance, some for healing and some for pure entertainment, the pressure on this sleepy town starts to build. From the wanton Mayor to the scheming town seductress; from the white banker to the desperate black rough neck who seeks his help; from the security guard with all the answers to the hoards gathering with nothing but questions, there's something boiling under this town and only one thing is certain: no one will escape the apocalyptic results unchanged.


  • Myk Watford
  • Lafayette Wright
  • Silvia Mathis Manning
  • Franchelle Stewart Dorn
  • Marc Menchaca
  • Bill Wise
  • Buck Taylor
  • Tommy G. Kendrick
  • Josh Berry
  • Arron Shiver
  • Jo Harvey Allen
  • Earl Poole Ball

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