Seun (2015)

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Titre original :


Durée :

1h 28min

Date de sortie :

September 2015
Ecrit et réalisé par : Darrell James Roodt

1981. Apartheid is taking a heavy toll on South Africa. Townships are burning, and on the border with Angola, a war is raging. Young men are called up to military duty right after school, and sent to battle the "Rooi Gevaar" the threat of communist oppression. Paul is one of those boys. He is smart, handsome, and ambitious, with dreams of becoming a medical doctor one day. The story starts during the summer holiday, after Paul has matriculated. He is determined to enjoy these few weeks before he has to report to the military. In January, Paul leaves for the Army, basic training,and finally, the war on the border. During a skirmish with the enemy, Paul is seriously wounded. He gets sent home, and everything is in jeopardy. Can Paul put together the very broken pieces of his life?


  • Deanre Reiners
  • Chris de Clerq
  • Elzette Maarschalk
  • Candice Weber
  • Johan Hanekom
  • Christine van Reenen
  • Ben Bruwer
  • Hentie Wiese
  • Wilna Bruwer
  • Edwin Gagiano
  • Janus Prinsloo
  • Miles Petzer
  • Ignatius Cronje
  • JC Snooke
  • Leon Gerber

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