Sight Sound (2011)

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Sight Sound

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Titre original :

Sight Sound

Date de sortie :

January 2011
Réalisé par : Mikey DeTemple
Ecrit par :

Surfing is supposed to be an individual act. It's supposed to elicit creativity and take place in a natural environment. It's supposed to have moments familiar and original. It's supposed to be both elegant and raw. Surfing isn’t supposed to be choreographed. The surfer and board do what they want. Let them be seen as they want to be seen; let them be heard through only their motions. Let them surf in climates warm and cold, on waves big and small, on boards long and short, in countries near and far. Let the camera capture what it can. Let there be Sight Sound. From the surfer-director of Picaresque, is another film without dialogue. Another group of talented individuals doing what they do best, with an eclectic soundtrack mixed-in to enhance the vibe.


  • Chris Del Moro
  • Justin Quintal
  • Kassia Meador
  • Alek Parker
  • Ryan Burch
  • Mikey DeTemple
  • Scotty Stopnik
  • Jared Mell
  • Daniel Thompson
  • Tyler Warren

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