The Amateur Gentleman (1926)

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The Amateur Gentleman

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Titre original :

The Amateur Gentleman

Durée :

1h 20min

Date de sortie :

August 1926

Barbanas Barty inherits some money, sets off to London, meets and falls in love with Lady Cleone Meredith, and this does not set well with Sir Mortiner Carnaby, who has eyes on the fair lady himself. Barnaby becomes friend with Viscount Devehon, buys a horse from him and enters it in the big steeplechase. Sir Mortimer takes steps to rid society of the presence of this non-gentleman.


  • Richard Barthelmess
  • Dorothy Dunbar
  • Gardner James
  • Nigel Barrie
  • Brandon Hurst
  • John Miljan
  • Edwards Davis
  • Billie Bennett
  • Herbert Grimwood
  • Gino Corrado
  • Sidney De Gray
  • John S. Peters
  • Ernie Adams
  • Samuel S. Hinds

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