The Aquabats! Kooky Spooky Halloween Party (2020)

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The Aquabats! Kooky Spooky Halloween Party

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Titre original :

The Aquabats! Kooky Spooky Halloween Party

Durée :

1h 39min

Date de sortie :

October 2020
Réalisé par : Jeff Cole

Coming straight to you from a secret bunker in Southern California, The Aquabats have put together a fully-produced show so that we can all get together for Halloween, celebrate the release of "Kooky Spooky... in Stereo!" and make up for all the live touring we DIDN'T get to do this year! It's a concert and a party... all in one!!


  • Christian Jacobs
  • Chad Larson
  • Ian Fowles
  • James R. Briggs, Jr
  • Richard Falomir
  • Matthew Gorney
  • Boyd Terry

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