The Illustrated Hitchcock (1972)

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The Illustrated Hitchcock

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Titre original :

The Illustrated Hitchcock

Durée :

0h 50min

Date de sortie :

July 1972
Réalisé par : John Musilli
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Film director Hitchcock discusses his life and career in long talks with Pia Lindstrom (newscaster and daughter of Hitchcock star Ingrid Berman) and with film historian William Everson. Excerpts from several films illustrate these interviews. Discussion topics include: what is fear?, method acting vs. film acting, the difference between the usual "Who Done It" mystery and what he considers to be real suspense. His choice of leading ladies and why (Bergman, Baxter, Kelly, Marie Saint, Leigh, etc.).


  • Alfred Hitchcock
  • Pia Lindström
  • William K. Everson

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