The Middle Distance (2015)

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The Middle Distance

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Titre original :

The Middle Distance

Durée :

1h 20min

Date de sortie :

October 2015
Ecrit et réalisé par : Patrick Underwood

Womanizing workaholic Neil returns to Michigan to reunite with his brother after their father dies. As they try to sell the family home, their interactions are as chilly as the frost-covered February landscape. But Neil’s facade thaws under the glow of his brother’s charismatic fiancée. Chicago writer-director Patrick Underwood crafts a big-hearted romantic melodrama about rebuilding.


  • Ross Partridge
  • Joslyn Jensen
  • Kentucker Audley
  • Jennifer Lafleur
  • Janet Ulrich Brooks
  • Adam Poss
  • Greg Matthew Anderson
  • Kimberly Much
  • Kim DeJesus

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