The Princess & the Marine (2001)

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The Princess & the Marine

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Titre original :

The Princess & the Marine

Durée :

1h 40min

Date de sortie :

February 2001
Réalisé par : Mike Robe, Phil Robinson
Ecrit par :

Based on a true story, American Marine Jason Johnson (Goselaar) is sent on assignment to the Emirate of Bahrain. While there, he meets and falls in love with a spirited, lovely young woman, Meriam (Nichols), without realizing she is really a member of the Bahraini Royal Family. Meriam, who does not wish to consent to an arranged marriage, knows her love affair with Jason is dangerous, as he is a Mormon Christian and she a Muslim. Her parents would never consent to their match, and so Meriam and Jason race against time to escape Bahrain and make it to the United States, where they can marry. If Meriam is sent back, however, her life may be in jeopardy.


  • Mark-Paul Gosselaar
  • Marisol Nichols
  • Keith D. Robinson
  • Pat Skipper
  • Dave Power
  • Luck Hari
  • Sheetal Sheth
  • Atossa Leoni
  • Barbara Stock
  • Michael Milhoan
  • Lennie Loftin
  • Madison Mason
  • Navi Rawat
  • Sayed Badreya
  • Anthony Azizi

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