Two Fisted (2004)

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Two Fisted

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Titre original :

Two Fisted

Durée :

1h 41min

Date de sortie :

April 2004
Réalisé par : Todd E. Freeman

Ty Sabala wants to change his life. After living on the fringes of society and scraping by in the underworld on the strength of his fists alone, he returns home to find that things there have changed as well. He undertakes a vigilante mission to set things right, but finds himself drawn into fighting and boxing in a lifestyle similar to that we he tried to leave behind. Finally, Sabala undertakes one final, bare-knuckle brawl that will free his soul if he can escape with his life.


  • Jason Sabala
  • Robert Blanche
  • Andrew Harris
  • Sarah Rosenberg

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