Upon Her Lips: Heartbeats (2021)

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Upon Her Lips: Heartbeats

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Titre original :

Upon Her Lips: Heartbeats

Durée :

1h 29min

Date de sortie :

June 2021

Collection :

Upon Her Lips

Witness and explore a whole range of emotions and desires in this series of stories about the lesbian experience. From rediscovering a lost parent in Israel, coming of age in rural Appalachia, finding love in friendship through meditation and imagination, to fending off the competition in a boot-making contest in New Mexico - what Upon Her Lips proves is that variety is the spice of life.


  • Zoé Héran
  • Cece Kelly
  • Jade Henot
  • Céline Jorrion
  • Lynn Stewart-Taylor
  • Lara Steward
  • Kinsey Kunkel
  • Adi Bielski

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