Viergeteilt im Morgengrauen (1999)

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Viergeteilt im Morgengrauen

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Titre original :

Viergeteilt im Morgengrauen

Durée :

0h 14min

Date de sortie :

August 1999
Ecrit par :

In the middle of an isolated wintry field, two lustful Gen-Xers get it on in the back of their toy-bedecked Mercedes, only to unwittingly find themselves in the last reel of a horror film gone horribly wrong. Not far away, a woman smashes her car into a tree, only to discover her leg is a shredded bloody stump. Hot on her heels is a faceless ghoul hell-bent on burying his axe in her skull. A tussle ensues during which bullets are fired and limbs are lopped off. Meanwhile, the young couple gets dressed and wipes the fog from their windows; only then do they become aware of the gory melee that occurred not ten paces from their vehicle.


  • Minh-Khai Phan-Thi
  • Florian Wagner
  • Michou Pascale Anderson

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