Was Alles Sein Könnte (2021)

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Was Alles Sein Könnte

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Titre original :

Was Alles Sein Könnte

Durée :

1h 23min

Date de sortie :

September 2021

Budget (en $) :

25 000
Ecrit et réalisé par : Pourya Pour

Hum lives in a refugee camp near Hamburg. He loves films and finances his visits to the cinema by selling lost properties from cinema visits in the refugee camp. One day he meets Anna and her friend Ida. At a dinner together in the shared flat of the two, they find out that they all share a love of music. Anna and Ida can sing great together and Hum shares the contact with his friends who play in a band. A timid and touching love story develops between Hum and Anna. Both are looking forward to the first performance of the band, in which Anna now sings. But shortly before the performance, Hum is to be deported. Neither his love for Anna and music nor his imagination can save him from the everyday life of a refugee.


  • Pourya Pour
  • Solomia Kushnir
  • Nika Kushnir
  • Anis Hamdoun
  • Moped Ascona

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