Wunschkinder und andere Zufälle (2003)

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Wunschkinder und andere Zufälle

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Titre original :

Wunschkinder und andere Zufälle

Durée :

1h 30min

Date de sortie :

November 2003

The childless sisters Regina, Anja and Susanne are outraged. Their wealthy mother is determined to become a grandmother and offers her fancy villa as a reward for the first of the three daughters to give her a grandchild. But Anja has completely different plans: she is going to emigrate to Brazil with Karin, the love of her life.


  • Ruth-Maria Kubitschek
  • Susanna Simon
  • Marita Marschall
  • Tina Ruland
  • Gesine Cukrowski
  • Michael Roll
  • Oliver Bootz
  • Oliver Clemens
  • Dieter Wien
  • Ruth Glöss
  • Ann-Cathrin Sudhoff
  • Martin Aaron Müseler
  • Suzanne Kockat
  • Hansjürgen Hürrig
  • Jean Denis Römer
  • Carsten Andörfer
  • Volkmar Witt
  • Angelika Perdelwitz

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