Zurück auf Los! (2001)

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Zurück auf Los!

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Titre original :

Zurück auf Los!

Durée :

1h 30min

Date de sortie :

March 2001
Ecrit et réalisé par : Pierre Sanoussi-Bliss

After Sam, a penniless Afro-German singer, discovers he's HIV positive, he gets utterly drunk, spends a few miserable days, but promptly falls (back) in love. Amidst a crumbling former East Berlin (its bulidings, cars, people & culture), Sam develops a "family" for the new millenium, for the new generation of post-drug cocktail AIDS victims. The fragile "family" he forms includes his on-again-off-again boyfriend Rainer, and his best friend Bastl with his latest fling, Mike. Like the old, schmaltzy East German songs which Sam is recording, the sweet innocence of the characters struggle to prevail, the misfortunes of the characters nothwithstanding.


  • Michael Ande
  • Markus Böttcher
  • Anja Kling
  • Dieter Bach
  • Pierre Sanoussi-Bliss
  • Matthias Freihof
  • Paul Gilling
  • Susanne Böwe
  • Doris Dörrie
  • Gerit Kling
  • Susann Uplegger

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